About Yul Kaseman

Yul Kaseman is an avid reader and staunch supporter of the New York City Public Library system. Currently residing in New York City, her free time main indulgences are trips to the library, book club gatherings, and getting to fall into a good story.

Since Yul Kaseman frequently rides the subway, she always finds that she needs to have multiple books with her on her electronic e-reader, iPhone and old-school paperback form. She acknowledges that it may sound a bit crazy, but sometimes she enjoys re-reading a paper copy of a book because she doesn’t want to reach into her backpack to get her Kindle or her pocket for her iPhone. 

In a book, the most important aspect for Yul Kaseman is a great story told through a relatable protagonist.  She loves a great variety of genres – fantasy, mystery, non-fiction, but storylines that involve the use of magic really take her to her childhood when she first became an avid reader. Some of her favorite authors include Jane Smiley, George RR Martin, Hilary Mantel, Sarah Addison Allen, Neil Gaiman, and Kate Atkinson. These writers stand out to Yul because of their ability to create stories that offer immersive experiences with compelling characters that the reader can relate to.

As a lover of children’s books, Yul Kaseman promotes the importance of reading at her child’s preschool where she is an active volunteer. Yul believes promoting the importance of reading for both parents and children serves as a great opportunity to bond. Therefore, she runs a book club at her son’s school, which has grown to become a big success among the parents. It serves as an opportunity for the parents to get together and bond over the interest in storytelling and reading while building upon the core common ground of parenthood.

Nearly ninety-five percent of all the books that Yul Kaseman reads are those she picked up from the public library. Yul is a major advocate for the use of the public library system and she understands just how important these libraries are to the community. Public libraries can help revitalize struggling neighborhoods, create more sustainable communities, strengthen the bonds between community members, and much more. And simply it is a place for people to escape and find some peace. That is why Kaseman supports all authors who are supporters of the public library themselves.